Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Imagine Myself....

...on a beach somewhere tropical. I'm walking through the small rippling waves, breathing in the fresh sea air. Looking out beyond the shore I see a glowing orange & pink sunset in the distance and its the back drop to a brilliant show performed by two very talented  dolphins. I watch as they jump and spin and sing in perfect harmony. My attention is back to shore as I witness seagulls playing a game of 'give me that' with a french fry left by beach goers. I feel a soothing warm breeze rush through me and I close my eyes.....enjoying it with a smile.

That is my happy place. A place I go when I'm feeling the days stress. This is one of the Visualizing techniques that the new therapist encouraged me to do. So far its working. I will go into the bathroom at work or in my car and take a ten minute break so I can relax.

So Thursday and Friday weren't great, but yesterday was a good day. I got in a good workout after working all day and boy did it release a lot of stress!!! I didn't have the urge to binge later that night like I usually do. So working out really does help with that. I decided to go ahead and log my calories because it was driving me crazy to not know. I ended up having around 1700 yesterday...pretty good...

later gators....

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  1. My Happy Place is in the mountains beside a crystal clear mountain stream surrounded by moss-covered rocks. Fortunately, I live just outside a national park where I can go find a place like this whenever I want. There is a lot of peace to be found in the woods.


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