Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Got the GrumpiesI

For some unknown reason my body decided to spring into action at 6am this morning on a  day I could have slept in. UGH . And I keep having these munchie cravings. These damn annoying cravings. You know the kind of cravings that drive you insane...almost like you want to eat just because it makes you feel good. I HATE those kind of cravings.....

Those cravings got the better of me last night when I ate almost a whole box of those evil sugar free oreo's. Had 5 frickin servings, thats 10 cookies!!!!!  I broke one of my rules too, no eating after 7pm. And you wanna hear the kicker? I wasn't even hungry! Nope...not at all!  I know...I know...its in the past and I shouldn't beat myself up over it but its like I couldn't stop eating them? I would get up and go into the kitchen and eat two at a time. sigh...really sucks

Lets just say I won't be buying anything else that will tempt me for a while.

But on the bright side I did log all my food yesterday and with my workout( calories burned), my calories were still under my goal. So the world still turns in Amyville.  But its almost like I KNOW i can eat those cookies because i worked out and I have those extra calories. I have to get out of that mind set.

Today I have my calories already logged including my workout calories. I won't be eating them back and I won't eat after 7pm. I will guzzle down water if my stomach is growling or chew gum, drink tea or decaf coffee....something else besides eating. This habit will be broken if its the last thing I do. I have said my peace, amen!!! =P that I got that out of my system (lol) I have to mosey on off to work. Have a great day :)

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