Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flippin' Idiots

Its about 7:15am on a Wednesday morning, i have to leave for work in 30minutes. But I have time for a quick post.

Wanna hear a funny story? Ok - so, I have an older car that has a blown head gasket listed on craigs list right. In the listing it clearly states that the car does not start or run because it has a blown head gasket. I listed the miles on the engine and I also said that it would probably need a new engine...

You guys would not believe some of the emails that i have been getting, questions that are clearly in the listing. My husband wants me to take it off Craigs list. lol.

Yesterday I get a email saying that they want to come look at the car with cash in hand. So I'm thinking " we have a live one here'.  It takes them 2 1/2 hours to reach my house, meanwhile we put off a grocery store trip to wait. They get here and the guy says that he use to be a 'ford dealership mechanic' and he pulls out some tools and starts tinkering with the car. Then he says " Can't give you what your asking because the cars engine is shot"

Well DUH, I said that in the listing! 

He then offers me about half of what I listed it for.( and may I add that in the listing I say that the asking price is FIRM, I won't take any less)

I tell him I'm sorry, but I can't. So he and his wife get back in the truck and leave.

OMG...what a flippin idiot to drive all that way and expect me to come down on the price when it clearly stated in the listing that the cars engine was shot and my price was firm.


so later I get another email about the car and this guy wants to drive 4 1/2 hours to 'come get the car' I email him back and explain that to him that I won't take any less and the engine is , infact shot. He still wants to come out on Saturday. So I'm going to hold the car until Saturday afternoon. Lets hope he buys the thing so I can take it off Craigs list! gesh

Anyways. Yesterday I ate around 1700 calories, I also got in a really good leg workout. Cathe's Legs & Glutes :) Today Im going to shoot for the same calorie limit ( or lower) and get in a cardio + ab workout after work.

Have a great day :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Operation Attack Muffin-Top

I've been working the past 6days and I was really tired yesterday But you know what? I made no excuses and got in a really good workout , did Cathe's Bodymax 2 step combo's along with the upper body portion on the workout. It was a nice sweat fest and stress release.

I also said NO to the goodie cart. And one of my favorite munchie foods was in there too, apple creme cake...omg, so good. But I took it all to the trash and threw it out. I felt so good after that 'act of power'. And for a snack yesterday I went and got me some greek yogurt instead of the unhealthy butter biscuit one of the girls so kindly made me.

Ugh, my muffin top is becoming increasingly jiggly...its like a handful of dough. My pants are getting a little uncomfortable so its time to do something about it! 

So, today is the start of  *ahem* OPERATION : ATTACK MUFFIN-TOP

There is only one rule and that is to STAY ON PLAN. Whatever my plan my be for the day, I will set my mind to STICK TO IT!  And I will not be weighing in everyday. I measured about a week ago so I will measure and weigh again on November 1st.

thats it....

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....