Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Pics + Thoughts

Here's a pic of me with my new Committed Cathlete shirt on. A good friend sent it to me and I was so thrilled and overwhelmed with happiness when I found it in my mailbox.

Then you'll find a picture of our new boxer puppy. She doesn't have a name yet...we like to wait and see her personality a little bit before we name them. she's so pretty..we decided to keep her in the house ( I know...we must be crazy! 3dogs in the house and 1 outside) The last pic was suppose to be under the first pic but I gave up trying to fix it.

A Proud Cathlete

our new boxer pup (no name yet)

Being Silly

So. the last few days the scale has been around 167/168. My eating hasn't been the greatest..I guess snacking on the junk at work is catching up to me, yesterday  i had to throw away some oatmeal cookies because they fell apart in my hand .. UGH, that was HARD! Its all such a mental game...everything lately.  Im still getting use to working 5days a week and its hard too. In the 10 yrs that me and my husband has been married my house hasn't stayed this dirty. I mean, it isn't filthy (couldn't stand that) but its not sparkling clean - how I like it. So, (sigh) that means less time watching TV after work and more time cleaning. Think I will start tackling one thing at a is the master bathroom.

Besides cleaning the master bathroom, I plan on taking the kids to get some more school clothes and I need to pic up some puppy shots.  And if I feel like it later this afternoon, after my husband goes to work - I will get on the treadmill for a run interval. ( if I can remember to pick up some new ear buds since Sammy chewed mine up).

Have a great weekend :) Im off today - it feels good!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Said "NO" to the Donut Hole!

Today was pretty good. Work was painless enough. I woke up at 5:45 and by 6:45 I was eating my oatmeal and headed out the door. By 9am my tummy was kinda growling...and there were extra donut holes on the employee sitting area table in the bakery - and not just any ol' donut hole either - my favorite , the chocolate cake donut holes! But I said out loud "no...not today". Then got up and left the table. I later drank about three cups of water to get rid of the hunger pains.


woot woot

Go Amy..its your birthday...go Amy...get jiggy with it :P

ok, im officially a dork ( or dorkier ) LOL

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Update

Weight: 166.4

This morning I woke up and DH was asleep on the couch, dangit   :(  I was hoping to catch him awake so we could talk. I miss him - this past week was his 4 day week ( 12 hour shifts, night-shift) so he doesn't do much when he gets home besides eating and sleeping. Last night was his last shift for this week, he's off the next four days and thank goodness because im tired of figuring out babysitters for the kids. It can get challenging. My parents, my brothers and on the rare occasion, his parents are the only ones we trust to watch them.

Tomorrow is my second apt with my therapist. Looking forward to it. The last apt really helped me figure some things out.
The apt Im really looking forward to is on the 19th with the psychologist. Can't wait to see what he says...he was booked up for a month so you know hes got to be a good doctor. He's a MD who specializes in psychology - I hear he's really good- so will see.

My kids start school this upcoming wednesday, tomorrow is open house. I took them Thursday to get some school clothes..usually I go to walmart but this time I took them Target(why not if I can get away with it, lol, i grew up on walmart/kmart clothes). They got three outfits a piece and it was only 60$, not bad. I plan on taking them again soon for more clothes...there's a place in the mall -The Children's Place- thats having a sale and I really like there clothes for them. They last longer...

No workout on tabs today, my body needs a rest. Yesterday I grabbed some weights and did Cathe's Muscle Max upper body premix then finished with core. It was a great workout and I really needed the release. I felt the effects of that workout all day. The after burn after a weight lifting workout is really calms me down :)

My eating this week hasn't been bad. No binges or overeating. I did stop and get me some Chinese food Friday night after work. It wasn't a lot either...just enough to satisfy the craving. It was sooooo good. Yesterday I watched what I ate, did have one brownie cookie at work but that was after I figured up my calories for the day and they were LOW, around 1100 - just wasn't hungry, and when I was hungry nothing jumped out at me so I would drink water or grab a diet soda.  

Anyways...thats my update.

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....