Saturday, July 09, 2011

Busy Beaver Pizza Eater!

Yesterday I was a busy little beaver! I cleaned up the house, got a very intense workout in, did a load of laundry, mowed/ weedeatered ( thats a new word,lol)  the back yard and went swimming with the kids in the pool. My food was great up until the thought of ordering pizza sounded yummy. But im very pleased to say that I only had one slice of a large pizza and three pieces of cheesy bread :)

The workout I did yesterday was Supreme 90 Tabata - very intense and it showed with the amount of sweat that was squeezed from my tank top afterwords...

OA books arrived thrusday. I started reading the first step and kept getting inerupted by my kids so being it was my day off with them i put the book down and went swimming instead. I will try and read it during my break today at work...or tonight after work.

Still not counting calories and I still feel SO FANTASTIC about my decision to quit. Tomorrow is 14days of CC sobriety ;-)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bummed This Morning

About two weeks ago I called and left a message with the only therapist within a 50mile radius of me, i wanted to try and get an appointment with her. Well, I totally forgot about it and went on with life, yesterday she calls me back. I was happy to see it was her calling me back and not a receptionist or nurse. It was the actual therapist. I liked that! She sounded extremely down to earth so I made an appointment with her for next week.  My insurance cover it so thats pretty cool.

When I hung up with her I immediately thought "What in the hell am I doing? Am I going to a therapist now or doing OA?" I was looking at my husband and he said simply " why not do both?" (just love him, he makes things so simple, LOL)

So I guess im going to do both for now. Still no OA books, they should arrive tomorrow.  I'm starting to think if maybe I jumped the gun on ordering these books. I'm starting to re-think my path here, or maybe its fear that has me wanting to turn and run back to counting calories? I feel less confident this morning about it.  Here is my food yesterday

And everything is measured in portions:
cinnamon oatmeal w/ chopped walnuts & sweetner
1/2 can chicken with light mayo and dill relish on whole wheat bread ( chicken salad sandwich)
natural peanut butter (1tsp) on a slice of whole wheat bread, 1 pear
Large salad with egg and chicken, 1packet of honey mustard dressing, 6 whole wheat crackers, a red plum + peach
low carb wrap with some turkey taco meat and cheese, sf pudding cup

Actually when i look at it like this - it isn't that bad. around 1700 calories.

I guess what im feeling bummed about is my last meal, it was around 9:30 pm, after work :( , i feel so guilty when I eat that late. Gotta work on that :)

Im still stepping on the scale everyday - something I said i wouldn't do. This morning I weighed 168...not bad after all the eating I did around the holiday. I usually go up to 170+ when I gain water weight...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Waddle Like a Duck

My legs are killing me. They started aching last night and this morning im SO SORE. I'm starting to think that double workout yesterday was a big mistake :/

Yesterday I did supereme 90 legs then Turbo Jams Fat blaster workout then I had to work, which is nothing but walking around for 8hours so I was aching by the time I got home last night. Then DH wanted to run to walmart to get some cookout goodies for 4th of July and fireworks...i was like  "what? excuse me? Baking powder?" ( sorry, i will often quote waynes that movie) but I didn't mind. It was another excuse for me to wear one of my summer dresses, LOL

So here I sit with aching legs and im walking all funny, like a duck. That supereme 90 workout is no joke! My legs are getting leaner too...I think all that heavy lifting with Cathe kept them bulky...and now that im not lifting heavy at all im leaning out.

OA is going great. I need to go to a meeting this week. My sponsor is waiting for me to come up with a food plan and im still thinking about it. She suggested Weight Watchers or some of the OA food plans.  I know WW'ers is out...i would just be counting points instead of calories.
I'm not familiar with the OA food plans yet, still waiting on my books to get here. They should arrive Thursday of this week. :)

Today is work...and im going to try to squeeze in a workout before I go. We picked up some lean hamburger meat  and some 1/3 less fat hot dogs, some potato salad and mac-n-cheese. I plan on either having a hot dog or hamburger and a small amount of both of those tonight.

ok...just checking in. Have a safe and fun 4th everybody :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Day 8 - growing

and I'm a feeling a new power growing inside. So peaceful. Im starting to realize that it doesn't matter how you look on the outside..its how you feel on the inside thats important.

I haven't counted a single calorie in over 8days. I haven't binged in 8days. I haven't beaten myself up or let negative thoughts bring me down in 8 days.

Mmmmmmm - progress feels good :)

I have two special people that I want to give a shout out too. There comments always bring me up :) Check out there blogs....there FABULOUS!

Christina @ Making Healthy The Norm
PJ Geek

Thanks girls :)

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