Friday, April 29, 2011

Is there a magic # ?

Why  am I so obsessed with being perfect? For the last few days now i have been trying to take it easy on myself. I mean SO WHAT if im not counting calories? ( and im sure everyone will agree with me on this) But  you can't expect to count calories for the rest of your life? Its too maddening. I haven't counted calories in a least a week or so (thats a long time for me,lol) and you know what? I don't feel bad. The past three days i quit eating after supper and i feel great about that! But why do I constantly obsess about food? This obsession takes up entirely too much of my time, my thinking and my focus.

If you have read my history then you know I've been doing this (calories counting, exercise, eating healthier)  for over 5yrs now and I'm proud to say, I've been very successful at my weight loss so far. I haven't gained any back. But i haven't reached my magic # yet...and my mind tells me to keep losing weight but my body is fighting me like a kungFu Master. I look in the mirror and I kinda like what I see with clothes on...but with clothes off I'm not happy :(  Im trying to notice the positives of my body. Like I notice how my shape is changing with the heavy weight lifting.

Why can't I find a happy medium? If I eat something 'bad' then i beat myself up, if im good all day im looking for something 'bad' to eat...WTH? It just seems i need to stop thinking so much about food...kinda back off the subject for a while and just eat when im hugnry. Its GOT to be that simple.  I know now what to eat and how much of why do I still obsess? Its my addiction...and its so hard to stop.

anyways...i hope this all makes sense :/

Yesterday my workout kicked major bootie. I started CLX Lean circuit 1 then did Cathe's LIC cardio blast premix or whatever its called (lol) then did lic abbs. Had a nice sweat fest. I LOVE the feeling after doing wieghts too...its like a constant burn. Not a muscle burn but a metobolism burn. I feel my furnace moving at full force! LOVE IT.

Today Im off work...and im taking it easy. Im sure a workout will happen sometime today..but not now. I may go out and look at yard sales :) Have a great weekend...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Starting Over :)

Easter Gathering @ Park w/hubby

Over the weekend I ate whatever I wanted too, and today I'm sick of eating. I'm sick of looking at food. I'm ready to start my new diet. I'm READY to feel fabulous again :)

So I logged into myfitnesspal this morning, updated my goals and my daily calorie limit before exercise is 1440 ~That's about right. And if I eat whole foods, that 1440 can go a very long way.

For now, im going to 'bank' my exercise calories for my one meal a week (usually going out to eat with my family when we happen to be all at home together) . This is the way I have been doing it for years and it has always worked in the past.

I'm still doing ChaLean, sigh, I'm bored as hell with it - but still hanging in there. Cathe Friedrich has a new series coming out and I can pre-order starting May 1st. So at least I have that to look forward too do after CLX.

(BTW- I'm SELLING CLX when I'm done with it...if any one is interested or knows anyone that interested, leave me a message.)

Here is a pick of all the girls after they hunted the Easter eggs!
My Daughter is in the green shirt, the rest are 2nd cousins :)
-------Later in the afternoon------
Its now 1:07 and I finished CLX Push Circuit 2 + Burn it off earlier. I also cleaned up my sons room:) Have a great day.

September 2018 Update

Hey Ya'll! I've got about an hour to blog before work. My eye's popped open at 4:45 this morning, don't you just love that...