Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Challenge Myself

I've only been up for 15mins and i have already had to break up two arguments between the kids. Now there in their bedrooms...sigh. I hope the day doesn't keep going like this :(

Anyways, I came on here to post a new challenge, and here it is *ahem*

For the Next Two Days I Challenge Myself to NOT Eat at Night!

No eating after 8pm. I will allow a 100 calorie snack at 8 but then that's it!  Its time to break this sabotaging habit and you know what they say ~ Practice makes perfect ~

Also, Monday I plan on really getting back on track with my eating. I've been doing this back-an-forth dance for too long and its making me INSANE. Through the weekend i'm still going to watch what I eat but I need a break from the calorie counting on Myfitnesspal. So no logging in there until Monday. Tomorrow's going to be a little tricky because we have Easter family gathering with a lot of food but i know what not to eat ;-)

-----------Moving On---------
Yesterday I got in an awesome workout, did Cathe's 4ds/HIS then CLX Push circuit 2. I will be so glad when im done with the CLX series, honestly - im getting sick of doing the same workout's over and over again :( . I do like Chalene, its nothing personal to her...I just like Cathe more. But im too stuborn to stop the series so i will just finish it. There is one more month left after this week then I'm done with it. Then I'm selling it, LOL.

No workout for me today, I've got a busy day ahead with the kids school easter thing then work, so...time to go get ready. Have a WONDERFUL EASTER everyone :) I will be back on Monday ready to start my new challenge :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


Im in one of those I don't want to do anything moods. I woke up at 3:30 ( had a nightmare) and couldn't relax enough to go back to bed. DH got home around 4:30 so I stayed up with him and watched the Braves games .

Today I plan on doing push circuit 2 along with a cardio. Not sure what cardio yet or how long...but I need to get one in, since I took a rest day yesterday. And I really need a good sweat fest!

Even though I took a rest from exercise yesterday I still ran my butt off at work. We were slammed with the Easter rush and I had a list of things to do along with closing procedures - meanwhile keeping everything stocked out on the sales floor. It was overwhelming to say the least and i was exhausted by the end of the night.

Those evil night time munchies are back :( . Obviously, I'm doing something wrong here because if I can go all day long on track then, at the end of the day - end up with my ass-end hanging out of the fridge...over eating of course, then something is up with my strategy here. Wouldn't you say so? :P  Night time is my weakness. The way I see it is; night time is 'me time' its quiet around here and I get to watch tv by myself. So I end up munching and watching tv, one of my favorite things to do. But I know its not good for me, I know if I do it every day or even a few times a week i could put on weight. I know how my body works and night time eating = weight gain in the long run. DAMN!!!!!!!!!

I want to lose about 15 more lbs before I call it quits! I just have to figure out a way that will work for me - a way that won't leave me feeling deprived at the end of the day. I know what to eat and when to eat it, its just the 'doing it' part that im struggling with right now. Honestly, im tired all the time. Every since I started working i feel like I barely have time to breath :( but I love that pay check coming in every week and I love my job for the most part.

I just wished i didn't have to work around so many distractions? Just imagine having to bake fresh cookies then to physically handle them?( i have to put them in the cookie case in a 'presentable' way) And sometimes those cookies are so fresh that they fall apart in my gloved-hands :/. Its SO HARD to throw those cookies away!!!

There are TUBS of M&M's, Reeses Pieces, all colors of frosting, chocolate glaze for donuts, powdered sugar, white & milk chocolate morsels and sooooo much more just sitting around, taunting me....sigh,  and i CAN'T HAVE ANY! Yesterday I was closing the donuts case and found myself drooling over a donut?  So to satisfy that craving I grabbed a long john( eclair) and broke it in have and then took a bite of the half and threw it away.  And to be honest..all I tasted was sugar? It didn't even taste good.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Want To Be Carrie Bradshaw!!

I have been watching  the Sex And The City series for the past 3 weeks now and wow, just love it so much. I purchased the series box set a few years ago and have watched the whole thing through about 4times already. What a great show!! I love Sarah Jessica Parker so much, she plays the part of Carrie perfect. I always notice what she's stylish. And the way she's always cracking a joke with her witty it! Sometimes, even if its just for a moment, and so what if she is just a character in a TV series, I would love to be blasted away from my boring reality and enter her fabulous world :) went to work this morning. Came home, got ChaLean's Push Circuit 1 in, then some laundry and sun bathing. Now im waiting on my little munchkins to get home and I will be busy once again :)

I 've been doing very good with my eating since Saturday, that's a major accomplishment for me. lately, i have really struggled with eating. This morning the scale read 167.2, so I've lost most of the water weight. Just two more lbs to flush out and I can work on my lowest weight again.

Monday, April 18, 2011


My brother, who is also my babysitter is showing is ass! First off, he agreed to watch the kids for me when I started working ( or i wouldn't have took the job) for free. He said he wanted to spend more time with them. Well, recently I offered him some $ every time he came over because of his tone after I told him my schedule (he was watching the kids 3 days in one week when usually its like one or two)...he said ok, that will work. Well now he is asking for twice the amount I offered and im highly pissed.

My brother doesn't work, lives at home with my dad. He doesn't have a car, therefore we are his transportation when he babysits (sometimes my dad will pick him up ) and you guys know how much gasoline is!!! And also, and I almost don't want to complain about this but, the boy can eat! I mean REALLY eat.

I just can't believe he's being like this?

Anyways...guess will figure it out somehow, we always do. Im just kinda freak out right now because I like my job so much and I don't want to lose it over child care :(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cookies and Celery Sticks

So yesterday was good. Got in right under 1600 total calories. That #  plus the workout should put me at a nice deficit for yesterday.  I did Chalean's Burn Intervals. Didn't want to ::::: But got it in :)

Now my focus is on today. I just came back from reading Jack Shit getting fits blog and he had a great reminder about forming habits. I've got to form those good habits again and all this won't seem so hard...

Yesterday was a busy day at work. Had to make cookies and more cookies. It was Saturday so we were busy with customers. I did have an interesting conversation with one customer in particular. He said he was going on a crash diet Monday : three small meals and celery + carrots as snacks in between. I didn't want to discourage him so I was really encouraging. But if i put myself on just celery & carrots as snacks I would go out and strangle every rabbit in sight! I wished him the best and told him to come back so I could see his progress. His inspiration was a friend that lost a great deal of weight on the same diet. Hopefully i will see him smaller form of course.

Today my plan is to first get off this darn computer, then get in some cathe step, then its work. My DH is home tonight so i get to see him when i get home :)

p.s : I forgot to post my weight for the day. 169.6 That's 3lbs of water weight gone. Hopefully i don't find it again ;-)

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