Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sammy's Pissing Me Off!!

If you have no idea who Sammy is...scroll down and look for the dog picture. Oh and don't let that innocent face lure you in...he's a little devil in disguise....

Right now, just looking at him is  annoying me. Here's the deal: He's crapping whenever and wherever he wants too.  I'm so sick of it!! It was just an hour ago i was picking up some clothes off the floor in the kids bathroom and felt something was shit! Talk about being grossed out! I was ready to strangle him. He knew it too because the little shit ran under the bed.

And its not like he doesn't know where to go. He will -periodically- scratch on the back door and look back at me with his ears down. Why can't he do that all the time? What the hell is wrong with him, good grief.

I'm thinking about buying a kennel or something. This has got to stop!!!!!

ok..I feel better. one thing is for sure...NO MORE INSIDE DOGS!


ChaLean Extreme
Good Morning, Its beautiful here in Ga this morning. Our temps are suppose to be in the 60's. Can't wait to get outside and soak up some sunshine. 

I got ChaLean yesterday , right after lunch.  I've already previewed the first workout burn circuit 1 and thought it was different then what I'm use to. Charlene uses a heavy weight in combination with a slower rep speed to get the job done. Her form is different and the moves are compound moves (like a sumo squat in combination with a arnold press).  Your suppose to reach failure at 12 reps. Im pretty sure i will be sore the next day, crossing fingers,lol. 

I plan on previewing the other two workouts in the first phase (burn phase) then previewing the two cardio's on there. Those will be the only workouts that I will use during the first phase, the muscle building phase.  I read the food guide and flipped through some of the recipes and I gotta tell ya, they looked mouth watering...super clean too. I contacted my Beachbody coach to make sure im understanding the calorie range on there, for a female at my weight it suggest eating 1400 calories a day. That seems awful low with the workouts...but then again, from what i understand, the workouts are only 35-40mins long. If 1400 is the goal then i will definitely be eating super duper room for junk. I plan on starting Monday.
Another good day in the books yesterday! I was right on target with 1464 calories ( myfitnesspal has me at 1480). Pretty darn good. I didn't workout -took it easy.

Today i feel like getting in a good workout. Not sure what yet..i will come back later and update. I hope my heart rate monitor reads correctly, lately its been giving me some really low #'s. I think it has something to do with my breathing..I still have some post nasal drainage in the back of my throat (sorry if that was TMI, hehe)

UPDATE: Finished Turbo Jam Fat Blaster workout for 30mins. Burned  240 calories. Anyways...had a good workout. I was able to keep up with Chalene's intensity too. All my food is logged in for the day and set at 1506. Thats 'purty good' LOL.. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Keep On Truckin' Momma

One Day in the books guys!! Yesterday my calories ended at 1681 and my heart rate monitor displayed a 400 calories burn. I did some pilates core along with a 35min step aerobics dvd.

ChaLean is in transit to be delivered - should get it today or tomorrow and i will start it soon there after. I'm still excited to start something new. I kinda hinted around to DH that i wanted an elliptical, we looked at some the other day and he told me i could get one.( Holy Crap!!!)  But since I don't have a job and its with our tax refund im going to wait a while. (and its REALLY hard for me to do that,lol) but i have to be sensible here.

I also filled out three more job applications online, still not one call back! Stupid bad economy. I have NEVER had such a hard time finding a job in my life! I'm getting ready to send out another batch of resumes, 40 to be exact!  I won't stop until I find a job......

Have a great day + weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Only Fail When You Stop Trying

 Sammy didn't want to take a bath last week,LOL This is what he did the entire time; stood stiff and stared up at me, like he was being was hard to keep a straight face!
So, today will be an attempt to not use food as mood lifter. Im going to log everything and workout. I had a binge last night.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache :(  I ate crap I didn't even want? Then I sat and watched the new A&E series Heavy (because i can totally relate to these people, fellow food addicts)  and it helped me stop the binge.   I'm sick of thinking about it so that's all I'm going to say about that.

Here is a quote my dear friend Helene wrote to me yesterday and it helped:

"You only fail when you stop trying"

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Unexceptionable Behavior !!

I was feeling down this morning so some blogging is in order here. Here's the situation:

Since last Thursday i have been off my healthy eating plan and its bringing me down. I haven't counted calories and only got in a handful of workouts due to my congestion. I wake up every morning and think "I will get back on track today", then BOOM, my will power is gone and I'm @ss deep in a bowl of ice cream. We have been eating out a lot lately too, I think that's my biggest problem. I love eating out, and its hard for me to stay on plan when I eat out seeing my hubby and kids eat junk. I want that junk too!! Maybe i feel deprived?

Unfortunately my mood is a direct reflection of my eating. Its mostly the guilt that has me down today. I've kept my calories around maintenance today (2200), plus I got in a really good run interval on the treadmill for 58mins burning 400 calories,.... but dang..its hard to stay focused on the eating part when I'm obviously just not into it right now. We have left over chicken in the fridge and I had absolutely no intention of eating it. Then I got it in my head of how yummy it is and couldn't get it out and eating a plate :(

I'm fueling some emotion here but what? I honestly don't know? Or am I fueling an that just an excuse? I think the bottom line here is that i like to eat and since i have to eat in order to live i will have to learn balance. In other words...just because i want to eat a whole bucket of chicken and the fact that im sure i could, doesn't give me the right too. I have to respect my body here. Am I right?

Oh well...the world will keep spinning and the sun will come out tomorrow. I just hate this feeling ~ I expect more out of myself and I know what I'm capable of, this is just unexceptionable behavior!  Its BS!!

ok...Im through bitching now..

Monday, February 07, 2011

My Order Has Shipped!

SO EXCITED!!! Can't WAIT to dive into these workouts. I will be blogging daily about my experience. I should have them by the end of the week (hopefully by Wednesday).

Until then, today will be a workout from Cathe Friedrichs 4DS series titled : High Impact Step followed by heavy weight lifting chest and back. Its around 60mins long. I just hope my head doesn't hurt the entire time like it did Saturday when I did some step aerobics. Not fun at all!

I'm feeling better, my head is till hurting due to sinus pressure but i expect to feel better by the time my new workouts get here.

My eating over the past few days have been off,  higher than maintenance, but I'm cool with it. Thats life!  I changed my weigh in schedule again...monthly since i seem to be losing inches instead of lbs here lately. I may drop one lb here or there but as soon as i eat anything with sodium the scale is back the heck with it.
I'm buying a smaller pair of Levis before I start my new workouts and I'm going by that ;-)

Stay Tuned for :  CLX - Day 1 

Later gators....

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....