Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twas' the Thursday Before Christmas ....

..and all through the house. My kids were a stirring and even my spouse. They picked up their presents and shook them with glee, asking about them and what they could be? With a playful grin upon my face, I spoke in a whisper "you'll have to wait."   

Just some christmas poetry. LOL. I'm off work today and of course Sunday and Im sitting here in my pj's and it feels WONDERFUL! 

So on my last post I mentioned how I was kinda pissed about a day that I requested off and didn't get. Well, yesterday as I was getting ready for work my boss calls me at 7:30 in the morning and apologizes and says I can switch with another girl and get the morning off for my doctors appointment. I thought that was very considerate of her. But it was too late to do all that so I rescheduled the appointment for next Thursday. But I did thank her for calling.

Eating isn't going very good guys. Still on the ' whatever the hell I want' mindset. I know....I know, it will catch up to me in a few weeks when I slip on some jeans and the damn things won't button but for right now, im enjoying myself. BUT there is one thing I must do at least 4days a week - Workout!  I did BM2 Tuesday so today will have to be another long workout. Im not sure what yet but it needs to be lower body weights and some high intensity cardio... will update this post after the workout.

A funny Story about my Chug, Sammy
So yesterday I told my hubby that I was going to bring home two slices of carrot cake from work that we could eat after our supper. We had planned on eating turkey chili for supper but instead we decided on going to waffle house. So I put the carrot cake slices on our kitchen table and we all left. ( can you tell where this is going?) So while at waffle house we all joked about how Sammy our chug has learned how to jump up on the table to scout out any food on there. And then my husband asked about the carrot cake slices and my jaw dropped when i remembered putting them on the table. Well...sure enough when we got home there was two empty cake slice packages on the ground and one very plump chug runny around smelling like creme cheese icing. :0 . It was SO FUNNY!

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