Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Losing Followers

For whatever reason, I've lost another follower.

Now, when I started this blog I told myself it was for me and not a popularity contest. Afterall, I don't come on here 'trying' to get the attention of others. This is my personal thoughts. It's a great release!  Lately, its been a pure pleasure to unload all my thoughts for the morning, before I start my day.

I do admit though, every time I lose a follower the "Negative Nancy" in me comes out and says that my blog wasn't good enough for them.  That my blog is boring and I wonder why they left? yada,yada,yada....

But I have to think of it like this: Their journey with me is over and perhaps I helped them in some sort of way :)

On Today's Agenda:
Work ( yawn) working out (If I have too)  and since I bombed on yesterdays attempt to keep my focus on eating ( Chinese food for lunch isn't exactly 'diet friendly',lol)  I will focus on eating healthy today and drinking water.

Have an awesome day :)

1 comment:

  1. I lose them all the time. But I'm pretty boring. Now being preggers, last thing I'm worried about is losing weight, even if I'm still being healthy :D

    They'll come and go. You just keep going!


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