Monday, December 05, 2011

Back On Track.

My weight was surprisingly good this morning,169.4. I say surprising because of my eating the past few days;HOR-RI-BLE!

But guess what? Today is a fresh new day and it will be better :)

The past two days I have managed to get in 30min walks on the treadmill. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to do a high intensity workout like one of Cathe's. But today I will make myself do something that will require me to sweat. I'm so wishy/washy on logging my food that I've decided to take a more simple approach. No logging calories anymore. Just eating my meals an if I'm hungry in-between meals, I will eat  fruit/yogurt/clean snacks.

So for the past two days I've felt pretty good. The medication that my doc has me on seems to be kicking in more. I feel more like myself and im excited about it. No more panicky feelings and my mind seems to be calmer. I can't wait for the medicine to be in its full effect ( 2weeks, today is day #9) My doc is suppose to increase the dosage soon too.

Hope everyone has a great day :)

Update: 30minute HiiT + 30mins of strength training done.  The Hiit was Turbo Jams fat blaster workout then I did the weight work from the first 5 drills in Cathe's Drillmax. :)

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