Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working it out

Good morning :)

This blog has become a retreat for me, lol. It was originally meant to be a weight loss blog, but since I started it I think I have lost about 9lbs. LOL! Oh well...

I just wanted to check in right quick before work. There are some things on my mind and I always feel better when I blog about them.

So basically, November has been a very difficult month for me. Between work / home & holidays my bad eating habits have creeped back into my life. Yesterday was the first day that I can remember eating healthy and working out. I felt so proud of myself this morning...but I haven't weighed in a very long time. Right now im going by how my pants fit, and there not muffin top is a little more visible but im sure a few days of good eating will shrink that sucker.

My feelings towards my job isn't the same anymore. I feel more pressure to be perfect, specially since my manager expects so much from me. I was told about a week ago that eventually she ( my bakery manager) won't be here and I will most likely be moving into her position. WTH?  Im not even sure if I want the assistant manger there considering me for bakery manager after she's gone ( and I hope she's around for a very long time). sigh...I don't know. This is the kind of things that cause my anxiety to rise through the roof.  Ever since I had that first argument with my co-worker that morning I haven't felt the same. My nerves have been a wreck. So bad in fact that I contacted my doctor the other day and he prescribed a new medicine for me to start taking for anxiety. I started it takes about 2weeks to get into my system so no changes yet.

My husband wants me to to quit my job. He said that before I started working I didn't need any pills. And now im on three different medications :( to get ready for work. Have a great Sunday :)

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  1. Amy, First of all, BREATHE. You need to be calm before you can make the right decision about this, If you need the income then I believe you can take on whatever job you need to do. If you are just working for something to do then maybe it isn't worth the stress. It sounds like you are doing something right and that they have faith in you to do a good job. Don't let fear drive you to quit unless you really don't want to work anymore. I believe you can do this. Being a manager may suit you more than you think right now. I would hang in there a little longer and think about it some more before you give up. Of course, I am here to offer support no matter what you decide to do. I believe you will make the right decision for you. Good luck!


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