Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whiny Pants

ugh...can I just come on here and whine a little. Please!

Its TOM for me and im feeling it this morning. UGH! About a week ago my lower back started hurting, and it feels more like a muscle pain than a nerve pain. The pains in a weird place too, around my left hip/butt/lower back area. It hurts when I (and this is funny) tilt my pelvis forward or sit down. The pains not excruciating, but its bothersome.  The last workout I remember doing that involved heavy weight lifting that included the back was about two weeks ago. Maybe my form was off that day? Maybe I hurt my back at work? I don't know? After today I have two days off from work and I plan on taking it easy around the house...hoping it all goes away. I really don't care about seeing a doctor about it...

So I contacted my psychiatrist this morning because my anxiety level has been through the roof lately :( I've been experiencing to many obsessive thought and I have been very short tempered...,not sure what he's going to do? Maybe increase the dose of my medication or perhaps schedule and appointment. sigh I've thought about going back to that therapist again...just to talk about my feelings. She gets to the root of them pretty good.

Yesterday, after being on my feet for 8 hours I managed a 30minute run interval on the treadmill. And my body was beat when I stepped off. Today I would love to get in some weights but dang...i don't want to hurt my back anymore. Maybe I will do another run interval or perhaps a step dvd.  A friend told me to do yoga for my back...maybe I will try that today? 

My eating has improved A LOT these past few days. Im allowing a few treats in my diet but no fried junk, no white junk and more water. And I feel a lot better...

Alrighty, gotta get ready for work now...booooooo. But after work were seeing the new twilight movie, breaking dawn YAY! I can't wait!  And at least I get to see my wonderful husband tonight...and tomorrow, and tuesday :) My kids are home too for the holidays so im looking forward to spending time with all three of my babies :)

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