Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sticks & Stones

There are a few things in the world that really piss me off! Children being neglected and when I hear gossip about me!

Work is becoming more and more stressful. I got promoted (apparently 1wk ago and wasn't told until today) to assistant manager, which is great! getting crap already from my co-workers. So here's the story.  I started my job about a year ago. My trainer who was the assistant manager ( and has only been for about 4-months)  is having a lot of personal problems and her mind just isn't at work anymore. I like my trainer...but I use to REALLY like my trainer.  Her soon-to-be mother-n-law also works in the bakery, and she is a very bitter person. (If you go back a few post you will read about an argument we got into one morning.) So the husband/son basically threatened me today. No, he didn't do it to my face, but he told one of my co-workers Thursday that if i talked to his mother like that again I was going to get my butt kicked ( he cursed, of course). He also called my some really mean and nasty names.

So here's the thing. I'm human...and yeah words can hurt=(  Specially when there really isn't a reason for this guy to be in the middle of it. His mother started the argument with me - I didn't argue with him and I didn't start it with her.  And his wife ( my trainer) is acting really cold towards me too.

  My husband wants to confront him but this isn't high school anymore...were adults. I choose to ignore them.

Then another co-worker this morning ask me to do some of her job and when I said I didn't have time, she acted all mad? She said no-body helps her....i help everybody and poor me,blah, blah, blah. ( that last part I added in  HA) I made her mad...but you know what? She'll get over it. I told her to call the boss if she has a problem ;-)

Sigh, I just wonder how my position as an assistant manger is going to be? Will I be good at it? I told my boss that I really didn't want anymore responsibility to begin with, but then she starts training me on cake decorating and she ask my opinions on things. Which is kinda cool, ya know.  But the assistant manager is responsible for ordering supplies and doing some paper work. Im guessing I will be good at that...I use to work at a doctors office. Will have to see. I did get a raise...two weeks ago. I was wondering why my paychecks were more LOL. My boss never told me about the raise...

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  1. Rise above it, Amy. These people are not worth your time or attention. Words only hurt if you let them in. Remember that these people are just jealous of your promotion. Hold your head high and move on.


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