Monday, November 14, 2011

33 years old TODAY

Well, I don't feel any older. Teehee.

The day started off kinda emotinal. The past few days at work have proven to be very stressful. The manager was on a 3day little get-a-way so that left me in charge. I'm new at this and all my co-workers are giving me a hard time. Well, not all of them...most of them. I argued with one saturday morning, then on Sunday I felt asif there talking behind my back every time I leave the bakery to do paper work :( one in particular ( the ex- assistant manger who couldn't handle the position) would run over to another girl and start whispering. UGH..I just want to run over and say "girls...what are we talking about" LOL..I bet that would cause them to scatter...

sigh, it got to me today. I cried to dh. Told him I wasn't sure about it anymore. He told me that this feeling is just temporary and he knows how strong I am...I can handle this.  I know I can..I just get sick of the childish crap, ya know. I was made assistant manger for a reason. Why do they have to be so jealous? Thats the only word I can think of to describe it? Every time I go to work I do exactly what im suppose to do...nothing less. I give 100%. I keep a positive attitude even when there all bitter...honestly it can get exhausting.  The store manger is ready to fire them all...LOL. I guess the only person that matters is my manger and the store manger...the rest of them can kiss my Cathe toned bootie ;-)

So...anyways..back to my day. So after the dramatic episode of my life we (dh and I) went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I felt better after my cry and my burrito :D lol. Over all I did pretty good with eating. Right at maintenance...

Later in the day I decided to get in a workout. So I pulled out Cathe's Turbo Barre and popped it in. I haven't previewed it yet so have no idea about it...and boy was my butt on fire. OUCH! Cathe doesn't play when it comes to exhausting your muscles in this workout. I got as far as the thigh toning routine then called it a Thats 40mins and it flew by. to bed. The kids are playing a Nintendo wii game and there going to be mad at me for making them go to bed. I need to tuck them in. Have a great night :) 


  1. Happy birthday, Amy. I'm glad it was a good day for you. I love Mexican food. That would be a real treat. Don't worry about those asses at work. It will all come back to them some day.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    As for your subordinates, ignore them. It's hard to do, but it will help. If they keep it up, they may need to be transferred or let go. It's inappropriate behavior period.


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