Saturday, October 08, 2011



Well , its 11am on a Saturday morning. I've had breakfast....then a nap. I've got to work today @1-9. Im tired...I feel lazy and my eating this past week has been way off track. Of course I fall apart as soon as night time approaches...same ol shit!

But I'm doing the best I can or am I?

This is what  "Digging in deep" means to people on a diet. I have absolutely no desire to eat healthy but I want to lose weight. So how is this going to work? I've tried motivating myself with challenges and for the first week or so I do great then BLAH happens. Blah is the 'no desire to be on a diet' feeling.....


As I was leaving my job last night I saw a god awful image of my muffin top, bouncing along as I walked. It was a reality check.... I've got to do something guys. Im not happy with my body image right now.

Im going to take it one day at a time. Today's agenda is to stay at my 1500 calories limit. I weighed 172.6 this morning (right back to were I started a few weeks ago :(  whaaaaaaaa)

No workout today but I did do Imax2 premix 5-10 yesterday and I was sweating like a pig at a BBQ! =P

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