Monday, October 10, 2011

Operation Attack Muffin-Top

I've been working the past 6days and I was really tired yesterday But you know what? I made no excuses and got in a really good workout , did Cathe's Bodymax 2 step combo's along with the upper body portion on the workout. It was a nice sweat fest and stress release.

I also said NO to the goodie cart. And one of my favorite munchie foods was in there too, apple creme cake...omg, so good. But I took it all to the trash and threw it out. I felt so good after that 'act of power'. And for a snack yesterday I went and got me some greek yogurt instead of the unhealthy butter biscuit one of the girls so kindly made me.

Ugh, my muffin top is becoming increasingly jiggly...its like a handful of dough. My pants are getting a little uncomfortable so its time to do something about it! 

So, today is the start of  *ahem* OPERATION : ATTACK MUFFIN-TOP

There is only one rule and that is to STAY ON PLAN. Whatever my plan my be for the day, I will set my mind to STICK TO IT!  And I will not be weighing in everyday. I measured about a week ago so I will measure and weigh again on November 1st.

thats it....

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