Monday, October 17, 2011

Need to Vent

Its hard to stay positive when I haven't been very good with my eating lately. Work has been very stressful and despite having a day off today, i feel as if im always working. Whether is at my 'official' job or at home. There is always something that needs to be done and its really getting to me today. So far i have washed one load of laundry and picked up my sons room and quite honestly thats all I feel like doing. I want to veg out in front of the TV all day and eat junk. Thats how bad I feel....

The Work Situation
In case you didn't know this, I work at a bakery. There I do just about everything including decorating cakes. On the days I work I'm responsible for the cake orders for the following day.  Friday was a crazy day, I get there at 1:30 and my boss already has me a list in mind...she wants me to make pound cake. I start that then she's getting ready to leave and tells me to work on all the cake orders for the following day...Saturday. I say ok. So she leaves and I finish the pound cake then skim through all the cake orders for Saturday. There's 14 cake orders for me to do -  i get prepped for it then start. Well, it all went down hill from there because anything that could have happened did. I had a pastry bag explode all over a cake I made and who knows how that happened , i guess i was pressing to hard and didn't notice the tip was clogged. That took a while to fix. I kept messing up orders. My writing was awful because my hands were shaking all day and on top of that, i kept getting interrupted by customers.  It was a very crappy night. But I got all the cake orders done for Saturday. And then I had to close down the bakery. I was completely exhausted that night and overwhelmed.  Fast forward to Sunday morning  SO, i get to work Sunday morning and guess what? There are 6 cake orders due for that day! Are you Effing kidding me? So in other words..the cake decorators for Saturday didn't do any cakes. I was mad and didn't hold it in. I didn't run a rampage (although i felt like having a tantrum) but I did question the cake decorators and they said they were busy. I hate to be a bitch but i will have to give them a dose of there own medicine soon.

I have my workouts clothes on and I've been procrastinating in them since 7am this morning. I found a workout that I want to do ( Cathe MM upper body premix but first a dog walk) but sigh, just no motivation.

Joining weight watchers is still heavy on my mind...i just don't want to pay the 65$ to start. That's expensive...but its for 3months. then its only 18.95 a month. But will it be enough?  I'm mean hey, im a major tight-ass so investing in my weight-loss might be just what I need right now to keep me going. Im so SICK of counting calories...its making me a crazy person :/

But then there's this other side of me that says counting points is basically the same as counting calories..why waste your hard earned money when you already know what to do? (and your not doing it)

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