Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday....

I wish it was Sunday - cause thats my fun day!

Hello all ( Or shall i say hello to the few who read my blog )

I've got some good news to share friends :)

First, I LOST 2.6lbs with Weight Watchers last week :D , awesome right! It definitely didn't come easy..let me tell ya. I ate right at my points value (29) and barely used my activity points. When I was hungry I ate fruit and veggies and I made sure I got in at least 4workouts throughout the week. And I didn't touch my weekly points (49) ...until yesterday. Yep, I used them all yesterday and boy was it nice to have a day off from planning. If next weeks weigh in shows a loss then I will continue to use those weekly points on weigh in day!

And my second bit of news is ....


They should be in my impatient hands by the end of the week. Teeeeheeeeeeeee yeahya! The first one im doing is Low impact Challenge. Its an all step workout :D

::::::::Back to today/ reality:::::::
On todays agenda : Workout, im thinking 30mins of cardio + 30 mins of either UB or LB weights. Im off work but I still of laundry to do today and I really need to shampoo the living carpet since the boxer pup still isn't fully potty trained yet. eh....

Have a great monday. I will check back in when I get a chance. :)

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