Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its All In My Head

Anybody else get really moody while dieting? Yesterday I was on edge all day. Maybe it was because I was at work and couldn't take a bite out of anything? Maybe it was the customer that couldn't decide on a cake for her son and took up about 30mins of my time? I'm leaning towards the first one, LOL. I wasn't exactly starving or anything...but my stomach never really filled up either.


I managed to get in a workout yesterday which earned me 7points. I ended the day at 35points so I pretty much used most of them, lol.

Im so glad im off work today. Yesterday was busy and i was exhausted by the time I got a dirty house that I had to clean. Again. But my babies where there waiting on me so I didn't mind...they always make my day a little brighter :)

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