Thursday, October 06, 2011

Day 13 Peer Pressure

So, yesterday sucked...I really should just say today is day #1 but im not. That would mean that I have given up on my this challenge and I haven't. I had a swerve in the road but today I found my way back and im going strong.

Yesterdays calories were great - until I gave into peer pressure. A friend of mine from the deli came over (and she's always snacking on stuff) and we were chatting about our kids (Her daughter is friends with mine) when all of a sudden we hear the oven go off and fresh apple bread comes out. Well, the apple bread has to be frosted right away so we witness this too...and I think you know what happens next. Yep, my fingers were caressing a slice of fresh baked apple cinnamon bread!
"So, what in the hell am I doing eating apple cinnamon bread when your on a diet you say?"  Well, honestly...I don't know - thats why im still a chunky butt =P

But I don't give up...and im trying again today! So please don't give up on me :)

Oh...I almost forgot. After a very long day at work I came home and got in a 70min workout! YEP...I did Cathe's Muscle Max upper body premix then  30min run interval on the treadmill. So It wasn't a totally worthless day....

So after my workout, DH wanted to go out for supper (well, I did too since we were all together) and we went to Waffle House. I ate a Texas Cheese steak plate with a side salad. Yep...totally delish and totally NOT good for me. But I figured I would be honest while im confessing my sins....
Today is day #13...A fresh new start! Im goin to forget about my mishaps yesterday and focus on getting back on track today. The first day after a few days of eating bad is ALWAYS the hardest for me.
Wish me luck :)

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