Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Day 12 Moving On

Day#1 1485
Day 2 - 1530
Day 3 - 1447
Day 4 - 1592
Day 5 - 1509
Day 6 - 1822 *
Day 7 - 2472 *
Day 8 - 1512
Day 9 - 1682
Day 10 - 1920 *
Day 11 - 3100 *

(These totals are calories in, not calories out - I worked out pretty much everyday)

4 out of 12 days aren't bad right? My goal was to stay between 1400-1700 and for 8 days I stayed at that goal.

Yesterday was a complete binge, I had some things bothering me and I didn't have time for a workout....not good. ( I also made the mistake of bringing home some goodies from my bakery and they were sitting around, no more of that crap!)I've got to start planning better. I knew I had some after school activities yesterday and a workout probably wouldn't have happened so I should have woke up early and got one in.

Instead of wallowing in my own misery this morning, im going to pick myself up, tell myself that I'm human and I make mistakes and as long as I learn from them, its ok!

And im moving on.

On today's agenda: Work, workout, clean up what I can - the house was a wreck when I woke up this morning, sigh....and meanwhile Im going to eat healthy. I'm going to aim for 1500 today.

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