Monday, October 03, 2011

Day 10 grumpy guss

Starting weight: 173.4
Today's weight: 168.0
Goal weight: 150

I'm feeling a little defeated this morning. I shouldn't have stepped on the scale, my last snack of the day yesterday was chicken broth and crackers. I'm suffering from a sinus cold right now so the salty food really hit the spot ....and it made me hold onto water. GAH

sigh, oh well....the scale is up, what else is new?

My feelings lately towards dieting are "BLAH" The past few days have been hard to say the least. I think what started it was when my car battery light started coming on and after a quick look at the car, hubby said it will need a new alternator. I checked online and found that there pretty expensive, 200$. That sucks. But I gotta have a way to go. I plan on getting it fixed over the weekend...hopefully i won't be on the side of the road before then. Car problems always cause me to have anxiety.

Then yesterday I had my niece over for the day and we had fun up until my mom stops by for a visit. She brings junk food for them and I know, grandparents tend to spoil there grandchildren that way, but hey I'm on a diet here and I've told my mom this before. When im dieting I don't want junk in the house. This is my safe place to be...and she never listens. She brought candy bars and little debbie snack cakes.

Actually, my moms another reason why I'm in a such a foul mood this morning. As soon as she stepped in my front door yesterday she started criticizing me. I'm not sure if she even realizes she's doing it...but it makes me feel bad. I try to do the best I can and when someone you love starts picking at everything you do it tends to bring you down. First she mentioned the dog pee in the kitchen floor, my response: " It just happened mom and we're still potty training the puppy...I'll clean it up now" Then she asked how im doing with my new medication? She mentions that I don't have that 'glow' that I use to and I seem distraught. My response " I feel fine mom, i haven't felt better" Then she asked if the kids ate lunch yet, I say no...not yet. She looks at the clock and its 1pm and with a questionable look on her face "when do they eat? Its past lunch time?" my response "when there hungry and they ask for something to eat" She then goes into the kitchen to fix them sandwiches...


anyways...i have to close at work today and im looking forward to the alone time. Since I have a cold im not working out. My last workout was Saturday and I did Cathe's cardio and weights after work...and I ROCKED IT :)


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  1. I've been quiet lately, but wanted to let you know I'm still cheering you on woman. You may be up a little bit, but you are still down 5 lbs. Keep it up and get that downward trend back going!


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