Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All I can eat?

Yesterday was my first day on weight watchers. It wasn't bad...of course night time is the hardest and yeah, i kept getting up to grab grape's then an apple but I still managed to stay right at 29pts. YAY ME :)

Today am going to get in a good workout, its been two days since ive worked out so im ready for one. I have to work later so I plan on starting after my home made English Mcmuffin with ham.

Im also curious to see how many points I earn with my workout today...I'm hopeing around 10 so I can (for gods sake) eat MORE! Seriously people, yesterday I wasn't hungry but I didn't eat very much. Here's what I had:

Breakfast- turkey sausage, 1 egg and english muffin. coffee
snack-greek yogurt w/blueberries + banana
lunch-two chicken salsa wraps
supper- 4oz chicken stirfry with stirfry vegatables, brown rice
1 apple, 1 tangerine, about a cup of grapes.

Mmmmm, when its all laid out in front of me im very proud of my eating yesterday. LOL, looks good eh? Notice all the fruit - ha! Fruit and veggies are 0 points ( keeping in mind portions because they do start adding up.) I plan on eating 28pts a day and saving 1 point for all the fruit.

ok - thats my update. I may check in later to report my workout how many activity points I earned =P

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  1. In your place, I would watch the fruits, Amy. WW and I disagree about the unlimited fruit plan. I have seen a lot of people stall out when they started the new plan with all the fruits. Fruits are naturally high in carbs and for some people the carbs prevent weight loss. Even now at goal, I have to keep the carbs in check. Good luck!


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