Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Stop ya Bitching...

Yesterday I found myself sucked into a conversation with co-employee's about the company we work for. It was so easy to start bitching about all the problems with it. The crappy pay, the crazy hours, working weekends & holidays, favoritism shown by the managers, the fact that some managers get away with so much and nothing is done about it.

Why can't we just be happy to have a job? Seriously, there are at least 15 people standing in line - waiting - for us to quit.

And why the hell do we care what other people are doing, what other peoples pay is?

My dad told me something a long time ago and its starting to sink in now. "He use to say, go to work then come home...don't bring work home with you and don't bring home to work." LOL, I use to scratch my head with that advice, but now I understand :)

From now on im going to stop and think before I walk up to people and start getting into these negative conversations. These people seem to be unhappy with something other then their least thats what I believe.

For the most part, im happy with my job and my life! And thats that!

Ive got another blog I've been working on for about 3days now. Its a blog about my last twenty.
This blog seems to have come my outlet in life, lol

I will reveal it when I lose my first lb, hopefully this Monday when I weigh again. Im just counting calories and working out 4/5 days a week :) Today is day #3.

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  1. I like your dad's saying. :) I'm glad to hear you're pretty happy everall!!!

    Having an outlet makes life so much easier. Blogs are the best.

    Looking forward to the big post!


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