Friday, September 09, 2011

Motivation Station

So here I sit, in my workout clothes...trying to get psyched for a workout. I had to work this morning and I just did some house chores that were getting on my nerves. And NOW ive got to get down to business...getting a workout in! I've had my little cup o' coffee and im debating on WHAT workout to do?

I did a full body weight workout on Wednesday and Monday was a circuit so that means today will be a split workout ; Meaning 30mins of cardio followed by 30+ mins of weights. And since my legs are still talking to me, I will do upper body today. :)

This is the hard part in losing weight. Getting the motivation to stay on plan. Right now I would love to put on my pj's and veg out in front of the tv but no-can-do. I've got my last twenty to lose...

My first weigh in is Monday morning...wish me luck. Even if I don't lose any weight I know I did my best this week and thats all that matters...results will come :) 

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