Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 7

Starting weight: 173.4
Today's weight 167.0
Goal weight: 150

a .2 loss on the scale this morning. Feels pretty good to see the scale going in the right direction.

If you have a minute, click on my measurements tab at the top of my blog and check out my new measurements. I had DH measure me this morning and I lost some inches. That's pretty exciting....

Im getting bored with eating the same old stuff so I got few lean cuisines for some variety. There pretty good for a frozen meal. So far I've tried chicken spring rolls ( 3 rolls for 200 cals), Spicy Shenzhen noodles w/chicken and vegetables and  yesterday I ate herb crusted fish with whole wheat pasta w/tomatoes with a side of green beans and carrots. All meals very good and convenient.

Todays workout was Cardio coach volume 4. ( its a run interval mp3 program) The total time was right at 56 minutes. I'm debating on doing an upper body workout later today since im off work, that way I can take tomorrow off :)

So if you've been reading my blog so far then you know that a free day is when i take a day off from counting calories.. I usually take one every 6/7 days. But not this time...I'm just so sick of being in the 160's I really want to keep going with my diet. Instead of having a free day, I will just have a higher calorie day. And it will be on Tuesday when we take the kids to there fall festival at school and later to supper somewhere.  Can't wait to spend the day with my husband and kids. Its rare that where all together at one time. (he works crazy hours and my job has me working mornings or nights.

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