Monday, September 26, 2011

Day #3 A Peek

 Can you guess what the picture is?  I made this yesterday at work.....(scroll down to find the answer)

Starting weight: 173.4
Today's weight 168.2
Goal weight: 150

I KNEW i had lost some more water weight this morning because I went to the bathroom at work yesterday like a gazillion times... I had to peek, LOL.

I ate a pretty good supper yesterday by Healthy Request, it was a chicken marinara with cheese & spinach ravioli. 260 calories total. It was one of those new steamer meals in the frozen food section. It wasn't a huge meal -like a I prefer, but it was convenient and very tasty :)
For dessert I ate two ice cream sandwiches. YEP! YOU READ ME RIGHT!  2 ice cream sandwiches. I got the recipe from Hungry Girl (anybody else watch her on Sunday mornings?) I had to tweak the recipe because she used rice cakes for the 'sandwich' part and all I had was graham crackers, but it still tasted good and only 150 calories.  ( light cool whip is the 'ice-cream' part).

Well, I have to close again tonight at work but before that I have some groceries to get and a workout to get in so I bet get busy. And since im opening tomorrow I think I will take a rest day from the workouts then.

Todays workout will be a dog walk + some weight work. Update: Todays workout was Cathe's High Reps All upper body and abs + Turbo Jams fat blaster workout (one of my favorites by her)

Yesterdays workout was LIC cardio blast premix. 48 minutes total and I was sweating buckets.

...oh and the answer is Butter creme icing! Don'tcha just wanta to dive in :D

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  1. I love butter cream icing but since my surgery it is like poison to me. I can't have it without getting sick.


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