Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cakes and Stuff

I made this cake last Saturday. It was so much still learning how to decorate but, for my boss to let me do this very expensive cake shows that she really trust me :)

I weighed 173.4 this morning.  I've been trying to keep my calories in check all week and obviously  i have failed. I may have failed in THIS battle...but not in my war against food. I still got in some damn good workouts this week and TOM started a couple of days ago and im sure most women would agree with me, but starting a diet the same week your starting your period is a big NO-NO. I don't know about the  rest of ya, but I have zero will power once that night munchie monster starts poking his ugly head in my living room. (noticed how I made the monster a male, teehee, and I do see him...he looks like a big funyun with legs =-P)

I still ate pretty clean, beside the night munchies. I took a pic of what my DH ate for breakfast one day and I figured the cals were around 400 (sausage,egg and cheese biscuit) THEN I took a pic of what I ate for lunch to compare the size of the meals. My meal was around 300 cals. Here are the results

This is why im hardly ever hungry - IF i eat clean. But clean eating can get verrrrrry boring :-/. This tasted pretty good, but then again... I was a crazy hungry Tasmanian devil before I ate this too!

I went to walmart yesterday and picked up some mushrooms, onions and green bell pepper to saute up with some chicken. I love that combo so much and if you serve it in a  low-carb, high fiber wrap its very filling! I use pam to saute it in and add in garlic for flavor. Sometimes i will toss in a few swirts of light soy sauce or some light dressing to add more zing.

I also picked up some greek yogurt, string cheese, apples and a healthy request meal for supper tomorrow night ( have to close tomorrow at work). feeling very motivated today. So I woke up and planned out my meals for today. Its not all set in stone yet, but if I finish the day off as is...its around 1400 calories - OH if i could eat that much everyday along with my workouts I would lose all this weight in about two months total! And that my friends would make me verrrrrrry happy :)

"Its all about how you spend your time under pressure" ~ Cathe Friedrich

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  1. Hang in there, Amy. I wish you the best on your new plan.


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