Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All Feelings Will Pass....

Im going to be honest here. For the past three days I have been eating really bad. Over 2500 calories EASILY consumed :( .

Today is going to be day one on a 14 day healthy eating with-in my calories consumed challenge! If I can go 7 days and feel pretty good then there is no reason why I can't go 14 days. Having that indulgence meal threw me off my course. Its like I allowed myself to indulge then that feeling of 'wanting' never went away. My 'in-the-zone' mental set was crumbling.  I wanted to eat things that I knew I couldn't but instead of brushing off the craving and ignoring it...i would acknowledge it and act on it.  I feel really bad today. Disappointed in myself for giving in so easily to junk food but Im not giving up. As long as I have this will inside of me...i will never give up.

Yesterday I did some Turbo jam followed by some UB MM. Today will be something similar since my eating has been crappy.

A few days on plan and all this guilt will go away.....

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