Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thinking Positive

These last two days I've been kinda down. Just grouchy and thinking more negative. Ever since the AC broke Ive felt like this...and shouldn't. I shouldn't linger on things that  i can't control, life is too short and shit happens.
Monday my MIL came over and she jokingly made a comment on 'how much I was eating' when I got off work. Which of course pissed me off!  Well, I jokingly said that when your on your feet all day at work and then get home and have too clean up a dirty kitchen + workout on a treadmill you're gonna be hungry...she was quiet after that. I get tired of her comments. She's at my house..i shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable at my house. I'm off work tomorrow and I already told DH to make sure she isn't here.

Speaking of DH, he went to play golf with his buddies today and we have an agreement that whenever he spends $ on his self...i get the same amount. So I'm going to get some highlights put in my hair, probably tomorrow :)

So, we're suppose to get a boxer puppy given to us in a few days. Its a female and she's gonna stay outside with my lab mix Cassie girl. I love dogs and this one will be #4 for us. I'm sure it will be a hassle getting her shots and then in 6months getting her neutered but in the end...I will have another big guard dog in the back yard to help watch over us when DH works.

My challenge didn't last long. I had some ice-cream yesterday so that qualifies as junk food-HA! I don't care...maybe after I see that psychologist and get my moods under control I can concentrate on losing again. I don't have that much left anyway so its all good!

Yesterday I did an upper body workout, body max 2 by Cathe. Today I'm thinking about doing 4ds legs again then doing a turbo jam...will see. I have to be at work at 1:30.
I'm going to stop the negative thinking this morning. Its time to push it to the curb...i know it will pop its ugly head back into my thoughts today but that doesn't mean it has to be my dominate thought. 

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  1. Hearing that from the MiL would have bristled my fur, too. Nice response! I like the arrangement you have with your hubby. Keep up the great workouts!


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