Tuesday, August 23, 2011


YEP, those are M&M's. There's a huge tub of them sitting with-in arms reach that we use for our m&m cookies.  I pulled the lid off of this Satan's bucket and was overwhelmed with the sweet aroma .

It's hard.

Its hard to be around all this at night when I close. The bakery closes at 9pm and that is about the time my munchie urges start kickin in. CRAP!

Thank goodness I only close 1-2 days a week :)

My workout yesterday was 4ds kickbox + Legs, but first I walked my Cassie girl for 30 minutes. She gets a little antsy when she goes without her walks. I had to really calm her down before we started...she was jumping all over me.

Today's a rest day and thank goodness because im sore and tired. My body took a beating with yesterdays workout then working on my feet for 7 hours.

My calories after I added in my workout was 2200, so thats what I ate. (teehee) Im going to go by MFP's logic for a few weeks and see if the scale moves, right now the scale isn't doing anything but pissing me off. 169 this morning.
I'm thinking its the heavy weights with 4ds and all the stress from last week. I've been drinking a lot of water here lately...and my period is due next weeks so my body doesn't release water well during that time.

Just gotta keep on truckin' :)

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