Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Pics + Thoughts

Here's a pic of me with my new Committed Cathlete shirt on. A good friend sent it to me and I was so thrilled and overwhelmed with happiness when I found it in my mailbox.

Then you'll find a picture of our new boxer puppy. She doesn't have a name yet...we like to wait and see her personality a little bit before we name them. she's so pretty..we decided to keep her in the house ( I know...we must be crazy! 3dogs in the house and 1 outside) The last pic was suppose to be under the first pic but I gave up trying to fix it.

A Proud Cathlete

our new boxer pup (no name yet)

Being Silly

So. the last few days the scale has been around 167/168. My eating hasn't been the greatest..I guess snacking on the junk at work is catching up to me, yesterday  i had to throw away some oatmeal cookies because they fell apart in my hand .. UGH, that was HARD! Its all such a mental game...everything lately.  Im still getting use to working 5days a week and its hard too. In the 10 yrs that me and my husband has been married my house hasn't stayed this dirty. I mean, it isn't filthy (couldn't stand that) but its not sparkling clean - how I like it. So, (sigh) that means less time watching TV after work and more time cleaning. Think I will start tackling one thing at a is the master bathroom.

Besides cleaning the master bathroom, I plan on taking the kids to get some more school clothes and I need to pic up some puppy shots.  And if I feel like it later this afternoon, after my husband goes to work - I will get on the treadmill for a run interval. ( if I can remember to pick up some new ear buds since Sammy chewed mine up).

Have a great weekend :) Im off today - it feels good!

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