Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nobody Said Life Was Fair....

What doesn't kill us, shall make us stronger.

This is a quote I've had to repeat in my head a lot lately. Just a tough couple of weeks.

My other grandma passed away yesterday morning. I was pretty torn up about it last night when it finally sank in -she's gone. She was 84 yrs old and a feisty women at that. She had diabetes, but took care of herself for the most part. In the end, diabetes's won the battle. Her kidneys starting failing after she had a heart-attack a few weeks ago. Her age kept her from surgery so they sent her to nursing home to live out the remainder of her life. They gave her a few weeks at the most. She passed yesterday morning around 8am.

I haven't seen her in over 10yrs. So it was hard to see her at the nursing home - I decided not to go. My mom took my kids to see her last weekend.

I lost my other grandma ,tragically, a few weeks ago. That was hard to!

Now Ive got to move on and drinking a bottle of wine and eating ice-cream isn't going to help. They wouldn't want me to do that to myself.

I haven't worked out in three days. I have to be at work after lunch today so i have time to get in a nice workout. Ive been doing the 4ds series along with a cardio. I think I will do a circuit today just to change things up a bit. I will try and log my food today too. No white sweets. Those are the two hardest things to eliminate from my diet...

Today I will try my best 

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