Thursday, August 25, 2011


...To join me on a 90 day eating challenge! YEP, THAT'S RIGHT 90 WHOLE DAYS of eating the best you can. 90 whole days of trying your best.

I'm not asking for perfection.

I'm asking for YOUR BEST!

We all have struggles when it comes to weight loss. Its hard...I know.  Actually it, SUCKS!
But its not impossible. Think about your goal. Think about how your going to feel when you reach your goal.

I've got about 19lbs to lose. I have been -->struggling<-- forever with these last pesky lbs.

Its not going to be easy. I'm sure I will be I'm hungry...but I WILL push through it because I'm sick of it...and I deserve more! I deserve to be happy and I'm the only one that can do it!

Today is day #1...and I've got a snazzy new ticker just to document it! ( see top of page) its going to feel SO GOOD to see that ticker get close to my goal.

I'm not saying that I will lose 19lbs in 12 wks...but I'm sure as HELL going to try :)

And don't forget to Keep On Truckin' Momma....

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