Saturday, August 27, 2011


 Yesterday i went 600+ cals over. I started nibbling on dark chocolate chips and before I knew it...I was topping a brownie with them :/. My excuse was "I deserve that brownie" . THIS is the kind of thinking I have to change if I want to lose weight.

New rule
So, while dieting there is no chocolate allowed in the house! Period. I threw out the dark choc chips yesterday night. There in the garbage can sure ants are enjoying them by now...

Yesterday was not a failure, it was a lesson learned. I'm moving is day #3

Yesterdays workout was a doosie. 35minute dog walk + Cathe's Athletic Step + 4ds Chest and back. MFP 

today is a rest day, which works out good because i have a cold and im on my period. Im wiped :( I have to work later so im sure i will be dead tired. My calories today are set at 1450. ( I changed my goals on mfp because 1600 before a workout seemed too high, now i have my activity level set at lightly active instead of active

oh and BTW - I told my husband to take the battery out of my scale and hide the scale AND the battery. Im not weighing for a while...the hell with the scale.


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  1. NICE workout!!! Good for you for getting rid of the chocolate chips.


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