Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where Did Summer Go?

Im off work today. YAY! The past two weeks have been so overwhelming at work and at home that its surprising  I haven't jumped out the nearest window :D
Stress doesn't even begin to  describe how its been.  Now my MIL is back over two days a week and wants to come more. My DH finally posted something on facebook about some help with her...and nobody responded. I have to really bite my tongue on that post...what a bunch of selfish people. And there suppose to be her kids/family. WTF?

Anyways....enough of that

I made an appointment to see that behavioral psychologist August 18th. It will be interesting to see what he says. Im not 100% convinced that I have a mood disorder...another opinion will be nice. Of course I could just be in denial too...LOL. I looked up some of the medication that is prescribed for Bipolar type 2 disorder and the most common is mood stabilizers. The side effects on these seem to be worse then what im taking them for :/ 

oh well, im not going to worry about it today. Its going to be a great day with my babies. I've missed them so much the past few weeks so I plan on spending the day with them in the pool then taking them out for supper somewhere....then to a park. School starts back in two weeks -where did Summer go?

Yesterday I did one of my favorite step workouts by Cathe-STEP BLAST! What a great workout... Today im debating on taking a rest day or doing CLX PC2 but with lighter weights since my shoulders seem to be tender right now. Guess I lifted too heavy the other day with them...

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