Monday, July 04, 2011

Waddle Like a Duck

My legs are killing me. They started aching last night and this morning im SO SORE. I'm starting to think that double workout yesterday was a big mistake :/

Yesterday I did supereme 90 legs then Turbo Jams Fat blaster workout then I had to work, which is nothing but walking around for 8hours so I was aching by the time I got home last night. Then DH wanted to run to walmart to get some cookout goodies for 4th of July and fireworks...i was like  "what? excuse me? Baking powder?" ( sorry, i will often quote waynes that movie) but I didn't mind. It was another excuse for me to wear one of my summer dresses, LOL

So here I sit with aching legs and im walking all funny, like a duck. That supereme 90 workout is no joke! My legs are getting leaner too...I think all that heavy lifting with Cathe kept them bulky...and now that im not lifting heavy at all im leaning out.

OA is going great. I need to go to a meeting this week. My sponsor is waiting for me to come up with a food plan and im still thinking about it. She suggested Weight Watchers or some of the OA food plans.  I know WW'ers is out...i would just be counting points instead of calories.
I'm not familiar with the OA food plans yet, still waiting on my books to get here. They should arrive Thursday of this week. :)

Today is work...and im going to try to squeeze in a workout before I go. We picked up some lean hamburger meat  and some 1/3 less fat hot dogs, some potato salad and mac-n-cheese. I plan on either having a hot dog or hamburger and a small amount of both of those tonight.

ok...just checking in. Have a safe and fun 4th everybody :)

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