Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Im so mad at my mom right now. She comes over to pick up her granddaughter, leaving her grandson behind -pouting. She says she can't handle both of them. I understand that but I don't think its right?  I also got into an argument with her about the food she brings over for them. All junk food, cookies, snack cakes ( little debbie's) sugary soda's, even after I told her that I don't buy a lot of those things. She told me that she thinks "I'm wrong and she doesn't agree with that"

sigh, I have to go to work now. Im tired...work is starting to get to me. Im too nice...one of the donut makers is pissing me off at the moment, she keeps leaving me some of her work. If she leaves it for me today - it won't get done...im sick of being nice about it. The other donut makers make time to do it so she should too.

anyways...taking turkey chili with me today for supper. Should be good. :) Yesterday I did an upper body workout followed by a step aerobics cardio by Cathe. Had a good sweat fest. Today was a rest day...

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