Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Update

Work is crazy at the moment. How in the hell did I become a full time employee?  anyways...I mentioned in an earlier post about the cake decorator finding another full time job - he told the boss about this yesterday and when I got to work it was the first thing the manger said to me. She asked if I wanted to work during the day time and train on cakes and close two nights a week? My immediate thought was "no" because I know i wont get any more money for doing a higher paying job - But then common sense kicks in and I think "I'm getting trained to become cake decorator, which can be a very good career for me - in the long run."  So I accepted the position. I will start training in two weeks.  And it does have more positives like being home during some of the week with my family :) , not having to pay a babysitter :) Its all good....

Anyways. A customer that was extremely buff told me something interesting about Equal - the blue sweetener, the sweetener that I use. It causes belly fat!!!!!!
I didn't know that and thats all I use? She said to use splenda or truvia...so i plan on switching to that soon. Probably splenda. She also told me that if I wanted to lose belly fat to quit eating carbs after 2pm...thats something im willing to try in the future...but for now im enjoying not being on a diet and just getting to know my body. Its so great to be in-tuned with my body's natural hunger signals. I eat when im hungry and I love it. My pants are getting loose, my legs are leaning out and im NOT counting calories. Its all so fabulous ;-) Im actually considering returning my OA books since I haven't had any thought on opening them up and reading them...or perhaps I could hang onto them in case I go into a relapse or something.


  1. I'm not really buying your customers advice. Artificial sweeteners get a bad wrap for many things that they don't cause. My guess is that belly fat comes from fat, just like all fat. All carbs that aren't burned are stored as fat. Different body types store fat in different areas of the body. I'm a pear shaped body type so I store my fat in my belly and hips. Of course, I'm at goal now but the place where fat is left is still my belly. Still, I doubt that equal has anything to do with it.

  2. I think the sweeteners out there that are fake (equal, sweet n' low) all have that issue. Read up on that a bit myself.

    I use Stevia / Truvia. Same thing, different brand name. Splenda has had bad juju regarding it's chemical processing. But, truvia is made from the stevia plant. Natural is good! (and it tastes awesome!) Splenda doesn't taste exactly right to me.

    Good luck with the job !!


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