Friday, July 22, 2011


I've got my eye on Cathe's Lowmax today. Its a 60min low impact high intensity step aerobics workout.  My inspiration is the 4tbs of natural peanut butter that i heated up and mixed with sugar free pancake syrup then smeared on crackers last night! I watched an episode of The Closer.  I wasn't even hungry. Those are the late night food binges that I must start focusing on.

I mentioned in yesterdays post about the god awful cravings I've been experiencing lately....just anything fried. Well i got a piece of fried chicken yesterday and felt pretty good for the rest of the day. Never got my turkey cheeseburger though.

Remember the other day when i posted about the donut maker trying to take advantage of my kindness? She was leaving me some of her donut pulls( we pull out pre-fried donuts and place them on a rack for the next day - it makes it quicker ) Well, i get to work yesterday and that donut rack was empty! I was furious! I left it empty...I said I wasn't going to do it any more and I meant it!  You see-She (donut maker) is really close with the manger and she volunteered to do paper work for the manager while the manager is on vacation. But I feel she has time to do her donut pulls because she spends 30+minutes a day chatting with everyone...yep, she that kind of a worker.
  The bottom line is its not my responsibility....its hers! She shouldn't take on more responsibility if she can't handle her own...

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  1. Oooh, that would irk me about the donut maker, too! Did you say anything to her? I worked at a bakery for a while in college, and it was awful at times because my co-workers were a bunch of cranky old women. Men are so much easier to work with!

    I hope your workout goes well! I can totally relate to eating when not hungry. HATE IT. :)


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