Friday, July 29, 2011

TGIF 7/29

Crap! I've done something to my left shoulder. It's all tender when I try bent-over lat raises :( , guess I will just have to take it easy with the upper body a few more days. blah.. I think tomorrow I will do 4ds legs.

I can't wait until Sunday, we're taking the kids to see The Smurfs, one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Im off that day and so is my hubby :) Its so nice when we get a whole day together.

We have to start buying  school clothes  for the kids pretty soon , they start back on Aug. 10th and they can't really wear anything from last year...ugh, kids are so expensive and exhausting...LOL, but there my little world. They make me smile and laugh all the time with there cooky ways - i feel blessed everyday that I get to spend with them.

The scale is staying right at 166...i eat when im hungry and try to avoid emotional eating. Yesterday I did a mental check on my calories and they were around 1700, and thats with a workout. I avoided eating at work wouldn't believe the BUGGIES full of food we threw away. All kinds of bread, cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, cheesecake's...I like to call these buggies snack carts because sometimes I will taste things here and there.
so anyways..doing good. Kinda tired today but hanging in there :)

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