Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Progressing

Yesterday was full of Anxiety
It started with me obsessing over what I was going to say to the store manager, then when I got to work and realized he was off that day i wanted to ask co-workers about it and I didn't because I didn't want to share what I said. Then I thought' Good grief Amy, you are making a big deal out of nothing'. The day pretty much sucked yesterday, just high anxiety all day long, feelings of guilt keep sweeping over me. Then my heart would pounding with racing thoughts, i guess that would be an anxiety attack or something. I just felt sad on and off all day. But miraculously  I didn't eat...i just continued to feel it. It was hard, specially with the two buggies full of sweets/bread that I had to throw away AND i was by myself from 2pm on up until closing with them.

My therapy appointment is Wednesday morning and I can't wait. I still  haven't had the chance to opened my OA books yet...ive been working to much and just simply hadn't had the time too...

Today I weighed 166. Thats a pretty good # considering the high sodium chili I had for supper yesterday. Here are my thoughts on it : I'm either losing fat because i quit stressing over my calories or im losing muscle.OR it could be that Im listening to my body and just eating when im hungry...who the hell knows? I honestly don't care anymore. Im not constantly thinking about food anymore...its progress...

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  1. Nice weigh-in! Yea, I wouldn't worry too muchh about saying something to the manager. I can't wait to hear what your OA books are like! Were they expensive?


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