Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Update

I plan on walking to work today, DH worked a 12hour shift last night and got off earlier this morning and since we only have the one car..he really needs it to take the kids to my moms and then he has to work tonight. I can find a ride home tonight or...walk. It really sucks having one vehicle.

Yesterday I got in an awesome workout. Cathe's Imax 2 intervals 1-4 + supreme 90 Chest & Back. Its was a nice sweatfest! Today I plan on walking to work and tomorrow I need to get in the next workout in the S90 series...not sure what yet?

Eating was great yesterday, i was too busy to even think about it :P this morning my weight is back down to 166 :D

1 comment:

  1. It does suck having only one car. Welcome to my life. LOL. I'm hoping we will be able to do something about it by the end of the year. We will just have to wait a see how it goes this summer.


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