Monday, July 18, 2011

Im Tired of Being Tired

Well, I think the title of my post pretty much sums it up. My part time job is killing me right now. For the last three days I have been training the new closer. The manger is on her vacation, the assistant manager isn't working and won't be for another three weeks, there is NOBODY there to tell me what to do...and I kinda like it ;-)

Today I plan on doing a Cathe Friedrichs Low max premix...I will get in some upper body first though. I want to get in an hour workout...i kinda ate late last night and feel the need for some damage control.

So - we worked out the situation with watching MIL to only two days a week, then others will watch her the rest of the week. Im frustrated with my husbands siblings because none of them offer to help watch her. He has 5 other living not to far away. ( and I really don't give a shit if they see this :) ) EVERYONE is busy these days so thats no excuse.

Thats my update

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