Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Smurfed Her First!

SO, the other day I was watching the smurfs with the kids...and drinking beer. I was just about to get up and find something else to do when a new episode started. The evil wizard Gargamel was going to make an evil girl smurf to trick the smurfs into revealing where there village was at.

I forget why Gargamel wants to know where the village is at? Its seems to be his top priority!

anyways, he succeeds in making the girl smurf and she's very good at what she does. Well of course papa smurf figures all that mess out ( papa smurf to the rescue) and he decided to make a potion for the evil girl smurf to make her -er less evil. Waaaalaaa, smurfette is born! (this is the part I was laughing my ass off at) So, smurfette drinks the potion and shes transformed into a gorgeous, blond headed - sweet and innocent smurf. Well, if you can imagine the boy smurfs were drooling over her. There tongue's were hanging out and they all scrambled to buy her gifts and flowers....then one yells "I smurfed her first" !!!! I almost fell off the couch...i have a dirty mind -mind you. My husband, who was also intoxicated at this point, was also rolling on the floor. 

So then (yes, there's more) Brainy smurf steps in and promotes his opinion (and apparently he wasn't drooling over her...Mmmm THATS interesting)  and Smurfette puts him right in his place when she says " Oh smurf up your face Brainy!"

Well that did it for me! The smurfs ROCK in my world...

Anyways. A leg workout yesterday and no junk food yesterday and the scale is still saying 166.2, wth? Im not complaining just wondering whats going on with this crazy body of mine? Im usually in the higher 160 (168/169) after a weight workout - could it be that im *gasp* LOSING WEIGHT WITHOUT TRYING :D

I pulled out my workout clothes so I have every intention of working out today, not sure what yet.

Oh and speaking of the smurfs, we're taking the kids to see the movie today then out to Mcdonald's where they have an indoor playground. Should be fun....and cheap, teehee.

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