Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fed Up at the Moment.

Wow...I feel so fed up this morning. Fed up with working all the time and not seeing my kids during their summer vacation, fed up with this constant battle with my fat kid inside -she's always wanting a cookie or a bite of cake at work-, fed up with my big fat mouth and how I can blurt things out, Sigh

I was at work yesterday and the store manager stops by the Bakery, he ask me to get something for a customer and while I was preparing that he asked how it was going. I said its a little crazy back here., which it is. Then I made a comment about a co-worker and how he's looking for another job and when he finds one its really going to be crazy here. -gesh, why did I open my big, fat mouth?  The manager acted like he had heard but then he stood there for a moment, i guess in thought and didn't say much except "keep on truckin' " and walked off. I was immediately disappointed in myself :( . Blah-

Maybe i will talk to him today (if hes working, it is Sunday) and tell him i didn't mean it? I'm thinking about it, if he's a good manager then he will appreciate my honesty.

As far as the fat kid inside goes...i kinda wish i could be transferred to another department at work, like maybe produce or meat. Something less tempting. But I know thats never going to happen...the bakery is too complicated and ive already learned a lot. I do like working there too - its fun most of the time. But it can test my willpower and there are days when i want to eat,eat and eat - but I haven't and won't allow myself to do that.

So yesterday was Supreme 90 Arms and Shoulders. Today is suppose to be Cardio challenge but I think since its going to a another 9hour work day I will take the day off. I'm thinking about it anyway...yesterday I said the same thing but ended up working out...will see.

I'm looking forward to my first Therapist appointment on Wednesday :)

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  1. I think it might be a good idea to say something to the manager and apologize for blurting that out. It might make a good impression if you do. I couldn't work in the bakery like you do. I find baked good too tempting. Of course, when I'm doing the cooking I don't want it as much. Have a good week.


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