Friday, July 01, 2011

Day #6 Reprogramming My Brain

Its been 6 days since Ive stopped counting calories and im feeling less anxious. Yesterday I actually asked my husband if I 'looked like Ive gained weight'?  Even though the scale is hovering around the same #'s. Isn't that typical? I have to reprogram my brain. Its hard...but isn't everything worth having hard?

I found a sponsor. And my OA books are on the way. I have to come up with a food plan. Not sure what yet? I know refined sugars and processed food is one of my problems. Im waiting on my books to come up with a plan. Maybe I will ask my Sponsor to help me too.

Im off work today and tomorrow, thank goodness. Im still working out with the supreme 90 program and really loving it so far. Short workouts but intense.

ok...just a quick check in. :)

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad OA is helping. I didn't realize this was your blog till I started reading. I have had trouble getting on to the online meetings, but I'm going to try. Good for you. !!


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