Saturday, July 09, 2011

Busy Beaver Pizza Eater!

Yesterday I was a busy little beaver! I cleaned up the house, got a very intense workout in, did a load of laundry, mowed/ weedeatered ( thats a new word,lol)  the back yard and went swimming with the kids in the pool. My food was great up until the thought of ordering pizza sounded yummy. But im very pleased to say that I only had one slice of a large pizza and three pieces of cheesy bread :)

The workout I did yesterday was Supreme 90 Tabata - very intense and it showed with the amount of sweat that was squeezed from my tank top afterwords...

OA books arrived thrusday. I started reading the first step and kept getting inerupted by my kids so being it was my day off with them i put the book down and went swimming instead. I will try and read it during my break today at work...or tonight after work.

Still not counting calories and I still feel SO FANTASTIC about my decision to quit. Tomorrow is 14days of CC sobriety ;-)

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  1. Amy, I'm wishing you well on your new plan. It sounds like something that might work with your busy lifestyle. It is tough to focus on losing weight when you work full-time and have children. My daughter, Bethany is struggling with the same thing. She isn't doing well with her plan right now but her husband keeps so much bad food in the house that is it hard for her to make good choices. I wish she would keep blogging. It would help her I think to be involved in our community. Hang in there, dear. I am cheering you on.


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