Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bitchy Blahs...

Actually ..its been more like one of THOSE weeks.  I have been in a very irritable mood lately! I have zero patience and things that i would normally brush off or let roll of my shoulders are pissing me off and its making me very bitchy. Everything is getting on my nerves. My car isn't running right, it acted up earlier this morning. I tend to freak out when my car acts up (as most women do). Everyone at work is pissing me off...they act so surprised when they see me decorating cakes?  Then they look at my work...i feel like im being judged and being compared to the current cake decorator who's been doing this line of work for over 20 years. 

Maybe im being to sensitive

Then there's this extremely strong urge to eat. I want to run to food. Yesterday I brought turkey tacos to work for supper and had absolutely NO interest in eating them...i wanted to pig out at the hot bar in the deli where fresh fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes live. I did eat my turkey tacos but was totally pouting about it. For some reason i keep craving a cheeseburger and french fry? So here's what im thinking; for supper im going to grab some ground turkey meat, and make me a cheeseburger here...along with some baked, crunchy fries - GOT to be better then stopping off at a fast food place and scarfing down a 1000 calories of crap then feeling bad about it....., right?

I had 6 light beers Tuesday and yeah it was fun but my body reminded me of how it isn't good for you the next day.

anyways. I'm just an emotional mess right now...I must be getting close to my time of month? Good grief, sometimes i wish i was a man and didn't have to deal with all these feelings...

But on the brighter side. We got a truck today ( my car acted up on the way home from buying the truck) and I managed to get in a workout. Power hour upper body again along with abs on there.

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